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Shakespeare Connected - ‘The natural gates and alleys of the body’ (Hamlet, 1.5.67): Physicality, Hygiene and Bodily Waste in Shakespeare’s World

Letter sent by Sidrak Davenport from Bushwood (about 12 miles from Stratford upon Avon) to Dr John Hall, dated 5 July 1632.

‘I sent my boy to you this morning to carrie my water & acquaint you with what daunger & extremitie I am faullen into.’ Hall had sent his apologies by note explaining that he had had to be in Stratford. Davenport goes on: ‘I did not expect to receive such a kinde of excuse from you, considering the daungerous estate I am in, as maie appear bie my water […] I know my disease is p[ar]lous & procrastination is daungerous.’


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