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Shakespeare Week Portraits

Jennie Maizels’ William Shakespeare

Who created it?

Jennie Maizels


What is it made of?

Gouache paint


Artist Biography

Jennie Maizels is a children’s book illustrator, best known for the 14 pop-up books she has published, covering subjects from Times Tables, to New York, to Shakespeare! Jennie also runs the online drawing course ‘Sketchbook Club’ and does other illustrations when she is commissioned.


About the Picture

'I loved painting Shakespeare’s portrait, I pictured him sitting at his desk, pen poised and being quite happy to be drawn. I tried to make him look a little proud of himself, just as I would be if I had written his plays (wouldn’t you?). I drew him out in pencil first, then, using Gouache paint I added all the colour. You can have a go painting the same portrait in my special ‘Shakespeare Sketchbook’ I have produced for Shakespeare Week.

'Happy drawing and Happy Shakespeare Week!'


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