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Shakespeare Week Portraits

Petr Horáček's William Shakespeare

Who created it?

Petr Horáček


What is it made of?

Mixed media collage


Artist Biography

Petr Horáček was born in 1967 in Czechoslovakia. He studied Design and later Fine Art in Prague. As a writer and illustrator he has published more than 35 books. Since 1995 he has lived in England. His latest books are Blue Penguin, The Greedy Goat, The Mouse Who Wasn’t Scared and Grumpy Duck.


About the Picture

'For the portrait of William Shakespeare I used a technique of collage. I use collage in my illustrations most of the time. I like to print and create textured paper which I later use in my pictures. I cut everything out and then assemble the image again on the paper. There is always a bit of accident involved! The image shifts a bit, something new emerges, sometimes I accidentally cut in to a drawing  - anything can happen! I find that very inspiring.'


Try this

Go to to see how Petr made his Shakespeare collage in a step-by-step powerpoint presentation perfect for an art lesson.