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Baddesley Clinton


Quitclaim from Gilbert Tursteyn of Baddesley to James de Clyntone of land called Keyngeskorft in Heyfelde lying in length between the land of James de Clyntone on the one hand, and the land of Richard de Beleye on the other as far as le longelane. To hold freely, rendering annually one rose on the feast of St. John the Baptist. Consideration: 40s. Warranty clause against men and women. Sealing clause. Witnesses: Walter de Wyndertone, Thomas de la le, Robert Pyppard, Thomas de Wridefen, Thomas le Wronge, John de Pessam, Roger clerk and others. Undated: c. 1300. Seal on tag, pointed oval of black wax, fragment only. A bird. X AV...CIA: Endorsed: [In a 16th century hand] Carta de Kyngeskorst in heyfeld' [49/22]