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Baddesley Clinton


Appointment by John Fovkus of Basdisley Clinton' and Joan his wife of Thomas Berford and Thomas Hawe of Couentr' as their attorneys to deliver seisin to Nicholas Dudley of Couentr merchant of the manor of Baddisley Clynton' together with the advowson of the said manor and all other appurtenances. Given at Baddisley Clynton Saturday on the feast of St. James 18 Richard II [25 July 1394]. Seals: 1. Circular seal of red wax on tag, incomplete. 3/4 in. see DR3/137. A fleur-de-lis between two crossed arms couped at the elbow. [X/L] EL AMI A[VEZ] 2. Fragment of red wax on tag. Endorsed: [In a late 16th century hand] Ler' attor' Fouks to Dudley of the manor of Bad' [50/22]