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Baddesley Clinton


Gift from John Podenho of Baddesleye Clynton' son and heir of Thomas Podenho and Christina wife of the said John to John Saundren of Rowynton' and Alice his wife of a toft, lands, meadows with pastures, feedings and all commons and appurtenances in Baddesleye Clynton' which formerly belonged to the said Thomas Podenho. To hold the same for ever rendering annually to the Duke of Lancaster and his heirs 3s. rent at the two terms of the feast of St. Michael the Archangel and the Annunciation of the Blessed Mary in equal portions, and also due and customary service to the chief lords of the fee. Warranty clause. Sealing clause. Witnesses: John Foukes de Baddesleye; John Colyns; Thomas Bereford of the same; Roger Mayheu of the same; Thomas Harpere de Rowynton' and others. Given at Baddesleye Clynton' Sunday on the feast of Pentecost 43 Edward III [20 May 1369]. Circular seal of white wax on tag, incomplete and defaced. [55/28]