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Baddesley Clinton


Gift from John Mayho son of John Mayho of Baddesley Clynton' to Isabel Mayho his mother of a field with hedges, woods, ditches and appurtenances in Baddesleye Clynton' called le Moreswagge lying between the demesne land of Baddesley Clynton' on the one hand and the land of John atte Broke on the other in breadth and extending in length from the demesne land of Baddesley as far as the land formerly belonging to John Saunder as it is defined by its boundaries. The said Isabel to hold the same for the term of her life from the chief lords of the fee for due and customary service. Warranty clause. Sealing clause. Witnesses: Dom Thomas [Hogges] rector of Baddesleye Clynton'; Robert Burdett lord of the same; Walter Godeman of the same; Richard Smyth de Haseleye; Richard Eburhale de Wroxhale; John atte Grene; Richard Leper'; John Huat'; John Saunder'; Henry Bardett'; John Steuen de Wroxhale and others. Given at Baddesleye Clynton' 10 February 7 Henry IV [1405/6]. Circular seal of red wax on tag. 3/4 in. The letter R between two springs of foliage. [53/31]