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Baddesley Clinton


Quitclaim from John Blakenhale chaplain and Nicholas Goodman' to John Baxster chaplain and John Saundres of Rowynton' of lands, tenements and appurtenances which the grantors held jointly with Walter Makurneys of Knolle by the gift and feoffment from John Saundres of Baddisley Clynton'. To hold the same for ever. Warranty clause. Sealing clause. Witnesses: William Prince of Rowyngton'; Thomas Masoun of the same; Thomas Hukyns of Wroxhale; John Shakespere of the same; Richard Shakespere of the same and many others. Given at Baddisley Saturday next after the feast of St. Hilary 22 Henry VI [19 January 1443/4]. Two tags with circular seals of red wax: see DR3/244. 1. Incomplete. 3/4 in. A female figure piercing a dragon at her feet. [X IE SVY SEL] DAMOVR LEL 2. Cracked and incomplete. 1/2 in. A shield with two chevrons voided, a mullet in fess point. [53/23]