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Baddesley Clinton


Lease from Edward Ferrers knt. to Robert Eborall of Balsall coliar of a parcel of land and wood in Baddesley Clynton formerly called Barlowes grove lying in length between the land of the said Edward Ferrers called Birchyngrove on the south and a lane called Carters lane on the north and in breadth between the land of the said Edward Ferrers on the east and the land of John Ouershawe on the west as it was inclosed by hedges and ditches. To hold the same during the life of the said Robert for the annual rent of 4d. to be paid at Lady Day and Michaelmas in equal portions, the said Edward to have the right of distraint if the said rent was not paid, and the said land to revert to the said Edward and his heirs upon the death of the said Robert. Robert Egeworth was appointed attorney to deliver seisin. Sealing clause. Clause also endorsed reserving all trees in the hedges of the said wood to the said Edward, none of which were to be cut down by the said Robert without licence. Given 13 June 24 Henry VIII [1532]. Tag for seal with fragment of red wax. see DR3/297. Clause endorsed in a different hand stating that on 7 December 24 Henry VIII [1532] the said Robert Eborall surrendered the said lands to the said Sir Edward Ferrers and his heirs for ever in the presence of Thomas Frogenall gent., Antony Brome,Sir Thomas Jackson, ?Mylner Sly, William Harryson, Roger Gettyn and others. [50/1]