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Warwickshire, Wiltshire, Kent, Buckinghamshire, Rutland, Essex and London


Agreement made between the Rt. Hon. Sir Edward Wyndesor Knt. Lord Wyndesor of the first part, Christopher Brome, Edmund Wyndesore esqs. and Thomas Hawes gent. of the second part and Edward Ferrers of Baddysley Clynton esq. of the third part whereby the said Christopher, Edmund Thomas and Edward leased unto the said Sir Edward Wyndesor all their manors, messuages, lands and appurtenances in the counties of Warwycke, Wylksheire, Kent, London, Buckyngham, Rutlond and Essex which lately belonged to the said Edward Ferrers. To hold the same for 12 years from Michaelmas last past, paying £40 annually to the said Edward Ferrers for the maintenance of himself and one servant, and £50 annually to Bridget Ferrers wife of the said Edward, of which £20 was to be used for clothes and maintenance for herself and one maid servant and the remaining £30 was to be used for the maintenance of the three sons and two daughters of the said Edward and Bridget. The said sums to be paid in equal portions at the four customary terms, the said Edward Ferrers having the right of distraint if they were one month overdue, and the said Christopher Edmund and Thomas having the right of re-entry if they were two months overdue. The said Sir Edward Wyndesor to give the rest of the profits from the said lands towards the repayment of the debts of the said Edward Ferrers to the said Christopher, Edmund and Thomas each Christmas, and to make an annual account one month after Christmas of all revenues and profits of the said lands, and after the settlement of the said debts this money was to remain in the hands of the said Sir Edward for the payment of 400 marks as the marriage portion of Eleanor and Katherine, the two daughters of the said Edward and Bridget, when they reached the age of sixteen years, or before if they got married. If either of the said daughters died before this age or before marriage, the surviving daughter was to have the full 400 marks, or in default it was to pass towards the up-bringing of the remaining children of the said Edward and Bridget. The said Sir Edward to be allowed £40 annually for the board of the said Edward Ferrers and Bridget his wife and for one man and one maid servant and provision for two geldings for the said Edward Ferrers in summer and winter. This said agreement to be void if the said Sir Edward died during the said term. 28 December 6 Elizabeth [1563]. Signed: Edward Wyndesor, Edward Ferrers. Two tags for seals with traces of red wax. Witnesses: William Wyndesore; Andrew Wyndesore; George Neuyll; Walter Corbett; Andrew Ognall; William Langtun. Endorsed: 1. [In a late 16th century hand] Feris 2. [c.1839] 28 December 6th. Elizth. Deed of Fine Lord Wyndesor one part - Christopher Browne Edward Wyndesor and Thomas Hawes of the second part and Edward Ferrers of Baddesley Clinton Esq of the third part for payment out of the Revenues of the Estates of the said Edward Ferrers in Warwick - Wilts - Kent - London - Buckingham Rutland and Essex of £40 to himself for the necessary change of himself and one servant and of £50 to his wife Bridget Ferrers - £20 for the necessary changes of herself and one servant and £30 for the bringing up of their children viz. - three sons and two daughters - the residue to go to pay the debts of the said Edward Ferrers then owed. [72]