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Temple Balsall


Agreement made between the Rt. Hon. Lady Katherine Leveson and the Rt. Hon. Lady Anne Holeborne, ladies of the manor of Balsall, and Henry Ferrers of Badgley[sic] Clinton esq. reciting that whereas a recovery of the manor had been suffered by Francis Williamson esq. and John Powell gent. plaintiffs against Martin Holbech and John Lloyd gent. tenants, with Sir Richard Leveson, since deceased, and the said Lady Katherine and Lady Ann as vouchees, and whereas the said Henry Ferrers held a descendable copyhold estate in the said manor of Balsall and a meadow or pasture in Chadwhich End within the said manor in the occupation of Lawrence Harborne, the said ladies of the manor agreed that the said copyhold lands in future might pass in descent for 1d. in lieu of each fine or obit, the occupier of the said lands was to be freed from mowing pease according to the custom of the manor in Math meadows together with the forfeit of customary sums of 7 1/2d., five loaves of bread, cheese and entertainment at Christmas, Easter and Whitsun, one court was to be held for the said manor each year and the steward of the said manor was not to charge more than 5s. for every copy of court roll. Consideration: £1 5s. 15 April 1663. Signed: Ka: Leveson, An: Holborne. Seals: 1. Circular seal of red wax on tag, defaced. 1/2 in. 2. Fragment of red wax on tag. Witnesses endorsed to the signing of Lady Ann Holeborne: Mary Lloyd; Ann Bird; Jo: Powell. Witnesses endorsed to the signing of Lady Katherine Leveson: Christopher Dodson; Thomas Evetts; John Moulton. Endorsed: 1. [In a contemporary hand] Mr Ferrers £1 -5s- 0d 2. [In the hand of William Hamper c.1816] AD 1663 3. [c.1839] 15 April 1663 Covenant and Declaration by Lady Katherine Levison and Lady Ann Holborn Ladies of the Manor of Balsale that in consideration of £1-5-0 then paid by Henry Ferrers Esq the descendible Copyhold Estate of Inheritance holden by him of the said Manor of Balsale should for ever afterwards pay one penny for a Fine or Obit on every admission and no more - and that the steward of the Manor should in like manner receive for his Fee 5s. and no more on every such admission. [260]