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Kingswood and Baddesley Clinton


Probate copy of the will of Edward Ferrers of Sutton Coldfield esq. whereby £100 was assigned for funeral expenses and works of charity as thought fit by his executrix, and whereas by the marriage settlement of the said Edward dated 11 January 1711 among other lands, the manor of Kingswood and coppices called Heywood coppice, Sydes coppice, Clay pits coppice, Gilberts coppice and Rowington coppice were settled upon the said Edward for the use of him and his heirs for ever, upon which lands the said Edward had since raised a mortgage, in order to save Theresa, wife of the said Edward, harmless, and also to pay all debts, interest, funeral expenses and to discharge the jointure lands of the said Edward, the said manor of Kingswood and the said coppices were to be made liable to discharge the same. The said Theresa was to have all the goods in her possession before her marriage and also all her wearing apparel, rings, bracelets, jewels, ornaments and the coach and charriot of the said Edward with the harness and furniture belonging to the same and four coach mares. The said Theresa was also to have any arrears of debt due to the said Edward, and the use of all the household goods, plate, furniture, stock and personal estate not already disposed of for the term of her life, and after her death or re-marriage, these were to pass to his son Thomas, excepting a silver tea pot and lamp, three silver casters and a little silver salver which were to be given to his daughter Mary Ferrers. The said Theresa was also to be responsible for the administration of the estate of the said Thomas until he reached the age of 21 years, and of the estate of the said Mary until she reached the same age or married, but if the said Theresa died before the said Thomas and Mary reached the age of 21 years, the said Edward appointed William Peyto of Chesterton esq., Edward Sheldon of Weston esq. and William Shakespear of Knowl gent., or such of them as would accept, to be guardians of the said Thomas and Mary. The said Theresa was appointed sole executrix. 16 December 1729. Signed by Edward Ferrers. Witnessed by Mary Low; Elizabeth Waden; Edward Homer. Probate attached dated 10 October 1730. Endorsed: [In a contemporary hand] The last Will and Testant. of Edward Ferrers Esqr. dat: Decembr. 16th 1729 [396]