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Gift from Roger de Quency (1195?-1265) earl of Winchester and Constable of Scotland to Mathew his huntsman of Kereby [Monks Kirby] for his homage and service, of the mill at Roteby [Rugby] with appurtenances belonging to the same and the suit of the men of the said Roger in Roteby to the said mill, also husbote, haybote and timberbote in the wood of Roteby to supply the said mill and the service due by order of the chief forester of the said Roger, or by the heirs of the said Roger for the time being. To hold the same for ever for the annual rent of 6s. to be paid in equal portions at the three terms of Michaelmas, Lady Day and Midsummer in lieu of all services. Warranty clause. Sealing clause. Witnesses: Sir Henry Engaine; Saher' de Sancto Andr' ; William de Bosco; Warin de Cunderl' ; Ivo Pauntulf; Philip Louel; John de Craunford: Brian clerico and others. Undated: c. 1250. Tag for seal with fragment of the seal of Roger de Quincy in natural wax. Obverse showing part of the head and shoulders. Reverse showing the head, tip of sword and the letters SI. see Book of Seals, pl. III. opp. p. 80. Endorsed: [In a 15th century hand] Carta Comitis Wynton' de molendino de Rotby [56/6]

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