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Woodloes in Warwick, Woodloes or Woodcote in Leek Wootton


Mortgage from John Brome of Woodlowe esq. of two closes of pasture called the two Broome fields with the meadow lying at the bottom of the said lands adjoining a meadow of the said Robert called the Square meadow in the tenure of William Paule butcher in Woodlowe with all woods and appurtenances, also two closes of pasture or meadow called Tanners closes in Woodlowe or Overwoodcott or Netherwoodcott in the parish of Leeke Wootton in the occupation of the said Robert Brome, and meadow land and a portion of the R. Avon with all rights belonging to the same then in the tenure of George Marshall in the parish of Leeke Wootton. To hold the same for ever, but to be void on the repayment of £263 by the said John Brome to the said Edward Ferrers at his house in Baddesley Clinton on Lady Day 1640. Consideration: £263. 6 May 11 Charles II [1635]. Signed: Robert Brome. Tag for seal. Witnesses to livery of seisin of Tanners closes endorsed: Thomas Harper; John Hunt; Wm. Foster; Francis Somerfeild; William Paule. Memorandum endorsed that William Paule and George Marshall became tenants of Edward Ferrers and each paid 3d. by way of attornment. Witnesses: William Paulle; the mark of G. Marshall; Thomas Harper; Wm. Foster; John Hunt. Endorsed: [In the hand of Edward Ferrers c.1630] My cosen Roberte Bromes assurance of Brome Feildes [115]