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Baddesley Clinton


Mortgage from Thomas son and heir of Thomas de Clyntone and Celia mother of the said Thomas to Thomas de Baddesleye and Simon his son of three fields lying together in Baddesleye called Bruliesheyefeld, Lydyatecroft and Boeleyeheyefeld which fields were more fully described in the charter granted to the said Thomas and Simon. The condition being that if the said Thomas de Clinton re aid 4 marks to the said Thomas and Simon in the church of Baddesleye on the feast of St. Michael next following after a term of ten years, the said lands would be restored, but if the said money was not paid, or only partly paid, the said lands would belong to the said Thomas and Simon. Witnesses: Sir Peter Monteforti, Sir Roger de Aillesbury, William Blauncfrount, Robert de Warrwyk', John de Nafforde, Alan de Rowyntone, John de Pesham and others. Given at Baddesleye Wednesday on the feast of the Holy Innocents 17 Edward II [28 December 1323]. Seals: 1. Portion of tag for seal. 2. Circular seal of white wax on tag. fragment. Indented. Endorsed: [In a 16th century hand] Carta de tribus croftis in Baddusley quorum unum vocatum Bruleysheyefeld et aliud vocatum Lydyatecroft et tertium vocatum Boelesheyefeld. [50/17]