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Kingshill in Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Quitclaim from John Wade of Coventrie, gent., to Thomas Gregorie of Coventrie, gent., reciting letters patent, dated 8 December, 36 Henry VIII, granting (inter alia) to John Wade and Thomas Gregorie a rent charge of 3s. 0 1/2 d. in Kingeshull, issuing from a messuage in the tenure of William Suffocke; also the grange in Stoneley in the tenure of John Hill; a messuage and half a virgate of land in Stoneley, formerly in the occupation of Robert Hall, another messuage and two closes in Stoneley, formerly in the occupation of Elizabeth Hobley, another messuage and hereditaments in Stoneley,formerly in the occupation of William Vale, another messuage and lands formerly in the occupation of Robert Hall, and a cottage with close adjacent in Stichall situate near the land of Sir Humphrey Ferrers, knight, on one side and the land next the high road on the other, also half a virgate of land in Stichall of which one quarter abuts on to the Park between the lands of the said Sir Humphrey Ferrers on both sides and the other quarter lies in the fields extending to the Church next the lands of Sir Humphrey on one side and to the land of the College of Cambridge on the other, also a parcel of land in Stichall near the town; all which premises in Stichall were heretofore in the occupation of Richard Grene and the whole of which premises in Kingeshull, Stoneley and Stichall were theretofore parcel of the possessions of the Priory of Stoneley; to hold in free Socage of the King, rendering annually 9s. 2d. for the property in Stoneley and 1s. 1 1/2 d. for the property in Stichall. It is now witnessed that the said John Waide quitclaims to the said Thomas Gregorie all his right in the said premises. Dated: 20 December, 36 Henry VIII Signed: per me John Waid Seal on tag: oval, red. A merchant's mark. Endorsed: i) Thes landes were purchased and others with the sale of Clyfton and Spaldford videlicet Malyns landes for Malyns landes. For thes landes Elizabeth Malyns gave and sold to Thomas abbott of Stonley. Vide regestrum abbathie penes Tho. Leigh [AG] ii) Mr. John Wades deede 20th December, 36 H.8 [LG]

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