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Kingshill in Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Lease from John Boun of Coventry, gent., to Loveisgod Gregory of Stivichall, esq.,
reciting that the said John Boun is seised of several parcels of land belonging to his manor of Finham which lie dispersedly among lands whereof the said Loveisgod Gregory is seised within the manor of Hill, alias Kingshill, and which lands were leased by George Kevett of Finham, gent., now deceased, to Edward Marbury of Kingshill, gent., also deceased, on 20 December, 36 Elizabeth [1593] under the name of all his selions and arable lands in the fields called the Brooke Feild, the Hill Feild and the Woodfeild in Kingshill, for 41 years at 3 pounds per annum;

[A]lso reciting that the said lands together with the manor of Finham were extended in 1619 and were recovered about two and a half years ago by the said John Boun, during the time of which extent the rent had fallen to 25 shillings, i.e. 15 shillings for that part of the land now in the tenure of Loveisgod Gregory, and 10 shillings for that part in the tenure of Edward Hinton, esq., for the life of his wife Mary, the aunt of the said Loveisgod;

[A]nd reciting that a controversy had arisen between the said John Boun and the said Loveisgod Gregory because, during the extent, the lands of the said John Boun in Hill had become indistinguishable from the land of the said Loveisgod. It is now witnessed that, in order to put an end to this dispute, the said John Boun has leased to the said Loveisgod Gregory all his selions and arable lands in Brookfeild, Hill Feild and Woodfeild, to hold for 2000 years, rendering annually during the life of the said Mary, wife of Edward Hinton, £1. 12s. 6d., and after her death 40 shillings.

Signed: Jo. Boun
Seal on tag: circular, red. Armorial, defaced.
Witnesses: Robert Wilcox, Thomas Bayly, Thomas Man, Thomas Lander
Endorsed: A lese set by Mr. John Bowne of Coventry of sertin landes of his which ly dispersed in Hill, to Loveisgod Gregory of Stivichall in the county of the scity of Coventry paying yererly forty shilinges a yearer for two thousand yere. 1678. [LG]
Enclosed is a receipt, dated 19 November 1679, for an instalment of the rent.