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Wills and inventories: Archer of Tanworth


[Copy] Will of Henry Hunt, Woodend, Tanworth, yeoman. To be buried in Church at Tanworth as near his grandfather as possible. To son Henry Hunt and his heirs, 2 closes and appurtenances in Tanworth called Budfields, lying between the land of Payne called Dernolds on the north, common called Gilberds Greene on west, Palmers Lane on east and land of Richard Waringe on south; To son William Hunt and heirs, close and appurtenances called Great Budfields between the lands of Richard Waring called Brickhouse on south, highway called Woodwardslane on west and the 2 other Budfield closes above on other sides. To son John Hunt and heirs 2 closes called Bemondes hills, part of lands called Beamonds alias Beaumonts lately purchased from testator's brother Richard Hunt, abutted on south by lands of Edward Collett, on west by Blyndlane and other closes called Beaumonds on east and west. To son Robert Hunt and heirs, 2 closes called Rough Beamonds and Beamonds Coppice abutting lands of Andrew Archer on north, east by William Bache and Paynes Crofte; south by Edward Collett; west by other Beamonds; also little meadow in Tanworth abutted Mealane on west, Balles lane on east, Great Meadow on north and Mostens meadow on south. To son Thomas Hunt and heirs, cottage and orchard, gardens common etc. with ground called Beamondes meadow abutted north by highway called Woodend, west by Blyndlanes, other Beamonds on south and east. To eldest son and heir Richard £5 and 5/- to each of his children: To surviving brothers and sisters of testator 5/-; To manservant Humphrey Rogers 10/-; To maidservants Emma Taylor and Margaret Rogers, 6/8d each; To each godchild 12d; 2/- dole to be given at funeral. Residue to daughter, Margaret Hunt, who sole executrix. Overseers: brother Thomas Hunt, cousin Richard Westcott, eldest son Richard Hunt who to have 10/- each for their pains. Witnesses: Richard Westcott, Richard Waringe, William Chambers, Henry Fawkes (by mark).