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Wills and testamentary papers


Will of Richard Dutton of Mickleton, yeoman. [copy] (1) All messuages, lands, tenements and hereditaments in Mickleton and all other real estate what- and wheresoever, to use of son Richard Dutton and his heirs subject to payment of £30 annuity to testator's wife for life. (2) To wife Mary and her assigns - annuity of £31 pa [sic] clear of taxes, chargeable on real estates devised to son Richard. Payable quarterly at usual terms. If unpaid by 20 days, wife or assigns to have right of entry and distraint. If unpaid by 40 days, then to take rents and profits from real estates until fully paid both annuity, arrears and costs. (3) To daughter Mary - £500 to be paid within 12 calendar months of decease. (4) To John Hurst of Broom Court, Warks., gent., Henry Hurst of Marcleve, Warks., gent., and Henry Green of Saintbury, Glos., gent. - £150 upon trust to invest, using interest towards maintenance and education of testator's grandson, John Cornhill until aged 21. At age 21, principal and unapplied interest to be paid to said John Cornhill to his own use. If said John Cornhill die under 21, then said £150 to testator's son Richard Dutton. (5) To son-in-law William Cornhill, £50 payable w/in 12 calendar months of decease. (6) To wife Mary - furniture of lower parlour and room over front parlour to her own use. (7) Residue of goods, chattels and personal estate to son Richard Dutton with proviso that if insufficient for discharge of testator's legacies and debts, the same to be chargeable on real estate but without prejudice to annuity to wife. (8) John Hurst, Henry Hurst and Henry Green to be accountable only for money received by them and separately, not jointly nor for any losses occasioned other than by neglect or default. They to take their costs from trust monies. (9) Son Richard, John Hurst, Henry Hurst and Henry Green executors. [Signed] Richard Dutton [Witnessed] Samuel Hemming, John Miles, William Fisher Proved at Gloucester 27 May 1807.