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Wills and testamentary papers


Original will of Mary Viall of Coventry, spinster. Sole executrix: niece Mary Love of Coventry, spinster. Bequests: Quarter share in messuage, 2½ yard lands and the Well Close in Barnacle, co. Wark., in occupation of William Jackson and all real estate in Barnacle to Mary Love Messuage in Crosse Cheaping, Coventry, formerly house of testator's father, Thomas Viall, deceased, and now in occupation Henry Harbert, to niece Jane Love, sister of Mary, and to the heirs of her body. In default of such heirs, to Mary Love her heirs and assigns. While Jane is under 21, rents and profits to be received and disposed of on her behalf by Mary Love, but if she die or marry, then by her brothers Viall Love, Edward Love and William Love, or as many of them as shall be over 21. £300 to Jane Love at age 21 or to her lawful heirs if she die in equal shares. If no heirs, then to her sister Mary. If she marry under 21 with the consent of her parents Cater Love and his wife, testator's sister Sarah, or if they die, of guardian/s, then £300 payable on marriage. While under 21, £300 to be put out in funds and interest accrued in bank and also put out as principal, all to be regarded as part of legacy (same applies to rents of Cross Cheaping messuage). £300 each to nephews Viall Love, Edward Love and William Love. If they die without issue then share between surviving brothers; if with issue then to children at age 21 on same terms of interest etc. If all nephews die without issue then money to Jane and Mary Love, heirs and assigns. All moneys, rents, etc., above determined to be put out to interest to be done so in the name of Mary Love, as Trustee, or if she die or marry, then in the names of Viall, Edward and William Love if over 21. If any shares fall to children of any legatee, then interest to be put towards maintenance and education of same until 21. Mary Love or any other trustee to reimburse themselves for any reasonable expenses from interest and rents, and not to be held responsible for any losses incurred beyond their control. £400 and best diamond ring to Mary Love: other diamond ring to Jane Love; silver tankard to Viall Love: six initialled silver spoons to Edward Love: pair of silver sauce boats to William Love: £20 for mourning to sister Mrs. Anne Bourne: £5 to Mary Dudley of Coventry, spinster: £20 to Anne Mayo, servant: Residue equally to Mary and Jane Love.