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Wills and testamentary papers


Papers relating to case in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury William Henry Wood and Thomas Brookes, executors, v. George Harborne (brother-in-law), as to the will of Elizabeth Wheatcroft (née Whitmore), widow, Wood Street, Stratford-upon-Avon, deceased. a) Statements relating to the events surrounding the drawing up, signing and witnessing of Mrs. Wheatcroft's will (1) William Walford, clerk, to Robert Newland Orton, Warwick, solicitor (2) William Gardner, Beausale, blacksmith: witness to codicil. (3) John Elliott, Beausale, farmer: witness to codicil. (4) John Manning Sproston, Stratford-upon-Avon, fishmonger: poulterer: witness to will. (5) Thomas Kitchener, Warwick Tavern, Stratford-upon-Avon, victualler: witness to will. b) 26 Feb 1840 Letter from Robert Newland Orton, Warwick, to John Dance, Bidford, re rent due on Mrs. Wheatcroft's property. c) 8 Oct 1839 George Harborne to Thomas Freeman re tenancy of disputed premises in Wood Street. d) 28 Sep 1839 George Harborne to Thomas Freeman: as heir at law of Elizabeth Wheatcroft orders Freeman not to pay rent to anyone claiming under her will. Claims she was of unsound mind. e) 28 Sep 1839 George Harborne to John Penn, as above. f) 28 Sep 1839 George Harborne to John Dance, as above. g) 1 Oct 1839 Notice from George Harborne to Thomas Brookes and William Wood "pretending to be executors" of Elizabeth Wheatcroft, of intent to institute proceedings to have her will set aside on grounds of unsound mind. h) 28 Sep 1839 George Harborne to Richard Broadsoa [sic] [recte Bradshaw] as d) - f). i) 28 Sep 1839 George Harborne to John Savage j) 14 Oct 1839 George Harborne to Francis King, auctioneer, ordering him not to proceed with sale of goods authorized by executors. k) 9 Oct 1839 Memoranda from John Dance, Richard Bradshaw, John Savage, Thomas Freeman, attorning tenants to George Harborne. l) 1 May 1839 Notice from Elizabeth Wheatcroft, widow, to George Harborne to deliver all her deeds and papers in his possession to R.N. Orton and to pay arrears of £20 annuity due to her. m) 1839 Rough pedigree of the descendants of John Sharpe, Henley-in-Arden, from whom both Whitmore and Harborne families descended. n) 1745-1765 Names and dates of births of the eleven children of German and Elizabeth Whitmore. o) 1840 Outline of claim of George Harborne to title to premises in [57] Ely Street, purchased in 1745 by German Whitmore, Stratford-upon-Avon, cordwainer, of Samuel Smith and Mary his wife. Descent by inheritance to Mary Whitmore, wife of George Harborne. p) 1840 Draft case pro Harborne for the Opinion of Counsel as to the alleged will of Mrs. Elizabeth Wheatcroft who died 25 September 1839. q) 1840 In Prerogative Court of Canterbury: observations in the Plea of the Executors and instructions for defendants Reply. r) 1840 Draft Interrogatories to be administered to witnesses. s) 1840 Copy of a). t) 1840 Copy of p).