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Copy of probate will: John Pearshouse of Stratford-upon-Avon


Attested copy 3.7.97 of the probate 18.4.93 of the will dated 4 June 1784 of John Pearshouse of Stratford-upon-Avon, gentleman, bequeathing to his nephew, John Bartlett, an annuity of £14 to be paid out of a messuage and premises at Armscott in Tredington in the tenure of Edward Walker; to his sister, Ann Pearshouse, the said messuage in Armscott for life with reversion to his nephew Henry Drury of Stratford-upon-Avon, brazier, and his great-nephew, Pearshouse Drury of Evesham, co. Worcs., brazier, in trust to sell and divide the profits between his niece, Susannah wife of John Townsend of Chipping Norton, co. Oxon, brazier, his great-nephew John Drury of Evesham, brazier, the said Henry Drury and his two sons John and Henry Drury, and the said Pearshouse Drury to his said sister for life his two messuages in High Street, Stratford-upon-Avon, one in his tenure and the other in the occupation of his nephew, Henry Drury, with a piece of land lying near the Town of Stratford-in the tenure of John Lancaster, with reversion to the said Henry Drury, and his son the said John Drury; to his great-nephew, Pearshouse Drury, all his estate in Evesham. Also pecuniary bequests to the said Susannah Townsend, the said Henry Drury and his two sons, John and Henry, and his daughters Ann and Mary Drury; to his great-nephew, Samuel Mercer of London, butcher, and his brother, Richard Mercer; to his great-nephew John Waram and great-niece Susannah Waram, the children of Mark Waram of Birmingham. Appointment of the said Ann Pearshouse and Pearshouse Drury as executor and executrix. Three Codicils dated 20 January 1789, 18 June 1790, 10 September 1790.