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An Injunction made in the Court of Chancery against William Beecher reciting a case in the said court begun in 17 James I [1619-1620] between Henry Ferrers esq. plaintiff and the said William Beecher defendant concerning certain recognizances for £400 due and unsettled for over 30 years and upon reasons shown by the plaintiff on 16 April 17 James I [1619] an Injunction was issued requiring a stay of proceedings upon the lands, goods and chattels of the said plaintiff, and whereas on 28 January last [1629] upon reasons shown by the plaintiff, it was ordered that unless the said defendant showed reason to the contrary by 4 February [1629] the said Injunction would be renewed, and whereas the said defendant had not shown any cause to the said court on or before that day, therefore this Injunction was issued in the penal sum of £1,000 to stay proceedings on the said recognizances by the said defendant until the case had been heard and determined by the said court or until another order by the said court had been made to the contrary. 6 February [1629]. Fragment of seal of the court of Chancery on tongue. [354]