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Baddesley Clinton and Warwick


10 Jan 1507; early 16th century Memorandum of the persons present at the sealing of deeds relating to the manor of Baddesley Clinton and lands in Warwick on 10 January 22 Henry VII [1506/7]. `These be the names of them that were present when Nicholas Brome esquire sealed his dedes of the maner of Baddusley certen londes in Warrewyk in other places to the use of Edward Ferrers esquire Constance his wyff as it apperith in the same dedes the xth day of January xxiith yere of the reign of Kyng Herry the viith First mastres Kateryn Brome, John Brome esquire and Elizabeth his wyf, Robert Bankes parson of Baddusley, John Mountford', John Byrd' Anne his wyf, Roger Slye, Robert a Lee William Bakere other' etc.' Undated: early 16th century. [In the hand of Edward Ferrers c. 1630]. 1506 John Brome Elizab: his wife Katherine Brome Robert Banckes parson Jo: Mountford Jo: Bird Anne his wife Roger Sly Robert a lee William Baker Endorsed: 1. [In the hand of Edward Ferrers c. 1630] The names of those yt were presente att ye sealinge of ye deedes by Nichol Brome unto Sr Edw: Ferrers the 10th day of Januarie in ye 22 supt; supe; yeares of ye raigne of Henry ye viith Nicho: Brome his 3 wives Elizab: Arundle Lettice Catesby Katherine Lampecke He had 2 daughters by Eliz his first wife Isable the eldest maried to Tho: Marrow sergent at law Constance the yonger married to Sr. Edw: Ferrers by whom he had the manor of Baddesly Clinton in mariagge 2. [c. 1839] The names of the Persons present at the sealing of the Settlement by Nicholas Brome of Baddesley on the 10th of January 22d. Henry 7th. on the marriage of Edward Ferrers with Constance Brome the daughter of said Nicholas - [85a]