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Baddesley Clinton


Gift from James de Bisege to Robert Pope of a certain piece of land in Baddesl' lying alongside a road called Longelone as far as the demesne land of the said James, beginning on the east side towards the land which is the church of Baddesl' and extending as far as the land. which belonged to Edith de Morcote. The said Robert and his heirs having the right to give, sell, assign or dispose of the said land to any except religious houses, and to hold freely in fee and inheritance with all easements in pastures, roads, paths, produce and in all commons, rendering annually to the said James 12d., that is 6d. at the feast of St. Peter called ad vincula and 6d. at the feast of St. Andrew in lieu of all services and demands, except suit at the court of the said James with all his other free men, when it was summoned upon reasonable notice. Warranty clause. Consideration: 7s. and to Matilda, wife of the said James 12d. for an entry fine `nomine emptionis et gersume'. Sealing clause. Witnesses: James, son of Thurstan, Thurstan, his brother, Richard Bulloc, William de Frenosa, William Sparhawec de Lappewrthe, Geoffrey Phesaunt Robert Prat de Pacwd' and many others. Undated: c. 1230-1240. Book of Fees, pp. 951, 1462, 1467. Tag for seal. Endorsed: [In a 15th century hand] Rob' Pope [49/46]