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Summary of a case concerning lands in Baddesley headed [In the hand of Edward Ferrers c. 1630] A case touchinge Baddesly. Nicholas Metley purchased the lands in question through feoffees to the use of himself and his heirs and in his will appointed Margaret his mother, Joan his wife and Robert Catesby executors with power to sell the said lands and make an estate of the same to the purchaser. The said Margaret and Joan, as Margaret daughter of the said Nicholas was dead accordingly sold the said property to the said Robert Catesby and made him an estate of the same, which the said Robert held for over 20 years. The said Margaret daughter and heir of the said Nicholas married John Huggeford, who eventually dispossessed the said Robert Catesby of the said lands `affter the northefelde' though the said Robert Catesby contested the claim. The said John Huggeford and Margaret had three daughters Joan, Alice and Anne, and the said John Huggeford held the said property after the death of the said Margaret his wife, but after the death of the said Robert Catesby, his son Nicholas Catesby the plaintiff entered the said property, took possession of the same during the life of the said John Huggeford and held the same for 10 or 11 years after John Huggeford died. Meanwhile the said Joan, Alice and Anne, daughters of the said John Huggeford had married John Beaufo, Gerard Danet and Richard Cotes, the defendants, who in the right of their wives had lately entered and dispossessed the said Nicholas Catesby on the grounds that the original sale of the said lands by two executors to a third executor was not legal. Undated: c. 1496 see H. Norris, op. cit. pp. 26-7. Endorsed: [In the hand of Edward Ferrers c. 1630] A case drawne touchinge Baddesly then in the tenure of Nich: Metley in ye raigne of Edward ye 4th Kinge of Englande: [347]