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Baddesley Clinton, Temple Balsall and Rowington


Codicil to the will of Rebecca Dulcibella Dering made upon the death of her husband Edward Heneage Dering whereby her friend Frederick Halsey Janson and her brother the Rev. Edward Chatterton Orpen were appointed executors and trustees of her said will. The said Rebecca bequeathed £100 to the said Frederick to take precedence over all legacies in gratitude for his friendship, and to her said brother Edward she bequeathed two portfolios of her watercolour drawings which she knew he would value more than money. To her niece Tanthe Dering Harrison was bequeathed the remaining portfolio, together with the silver chatelaine bag worn by the said Rebecca and its contents. To her great nephew Edward Arthur Joseph Ferrers she bequeathed all the pictures in the appended schedule with the additional pictures since painted by the said Rebecca, the first `as a pendant' to The Squire's Evening Walk, The Philosopher's Evening Walk and secondly the portrait of her aunt Georgiana, Lady Chatterton (after Bruckner) painted by the said Rebecca against a background of the tapestry in the large drawing room, which pictures were to be made heirlooms. To William Blake, her butler, and his wife, or the survivor of them she bequeathed £20, £20 was also to be given to William Herbert, her coachman, £20 to William Henry Herbert, her bailiff, and his wife, or the survivor of them, and £5 each to Anne Elizabeth and Cicely Harrison, her servants, and £5 to Arthur Griffin, her groom. All her clothes, excepting lace, were to be given to Elizabeth Blake wife of the said William Blake, all wines, household goods and papers were to be given to her executors, and all account books were to be kept in the strong room of Mr. Janson's firm in London as long as they could conveniently house the same. The residue of her personal estate including carriages, horses, plate, jewels, books and china was to pass to the said trustees so that after debts and the expenses of her funeral (which she requested was to be a simple one) had been paid, it might be used towards making up the debts of the personal estate of her husband to meet certain legacies left by him in his will as follows: £250 to be given to the Mother Abbess of the Convent of Poor Clares Colettines at Baddesley Clinton as a small acknowledgement of her benefits to the estate by building a church, school and other buildings, [£300] to the Rev. Edward Delaney, priest at Baddesley Clinton, £300 to the said William and Elizabeth Blake on her death, and £300 to the said William Herbert if he was turned out of his cottage. The residue was then to pass to the great nephew of the said Rebecca, Edward Arthur Joseph Ferrers as residuary legatee, upon condition that within six months after her death he should cause the Dering arms to be quartered with his own, and that he should adopt the black horse of the Dering family, derived from Saxon times, as one of his crests in remembrance of the fact that the said Edward Heneage Dering, his great uncle by marriage, and the said Rebecca had paid off debts on the Baddesley estates to the total of £61,000 and had left three fields at Rowington, purchased by the said Edward to complete the boundary, as well as five cottages in Rowington, Baddesley Clinton and Balsall, and a house and land called Shakespear Hall Farm in Rowington which might serve as a dower house to the estate. 6 March 1893. Signed: Rebecca D. Dering. Witnesses: Jonathan Pratt, artist, Birmingham; Mary ?Lee, spinster, Baddesley Clinton. [450b]

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    6 Mar 1893

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    United Kingdom - England - Warwickshire - Rowington,

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