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Alveston deeds: Hiron of Alveston


Settlement of the Alveston estates of Thomas Hiron [the younger] of Alveston, gentleman, being a conveyance by lease and release from Mary Hiron of Alveston (widow of Thomas Hiron, late of the same, gentleman) Thomas Hiron of the same, gentleman, and Elizabeth his wife (heir of John Wheatley of Snitterfield, gentleman) to William Freeman of Hidcote Bartrim, co. Glos., gentleman, and Robert Cooper of Larkstoke in Ilmington, gentleman, reciting DR74/68-69, of the following property in Alveston messuage and outbuildings etc. late in the tenure of Thomas Hiron the elder, since of Thomas Hiron the younger, afterwards of Rev. Jenkins and now of Rev. Harding; two messuages adjoining the last late in the tenures of John Wyatt and Richard Wren and now of Thomas Ashborn and John Maynard; a piece of land called the Orchard, containing 2r 20p, adjoining the same, late in the tenure of Thomas Hiron the elder, and now of Rev. Jenkins; a meadow called Little Ham lately converted into an osier bed containing 4a 0r 20p adjoining the road leading from Stratford-upon-Avon to Wellesbourne on one side and the River Avon on the other, in the successive tenures of Thomas Hiron the elder and Thomas Hiron the younger and now of John Ashborn; 13a 0r 20p in Tiddington Meadow; 170a 2r 39p in Crab Tree Field, Newbridge Field and Crofts Quarter, subdivided at the Enclosure into Crab Tree, Dairy or Red Field Ground, the two Newbridge Grounds, Audon Heath, the ground behind the stable or west of Crofts Road, Hill Rick Yard or Pool Ground, two grounds adjoining Crofts Farm, Cromer Ground, the ground adjoining Crofts Farm and Banbury Lane, and the ground adjoining Banbury Lane and the Hill Farm; an allotment in Hill Quarter in the heath containing 2r 28p; all which fields contain together 184a 2r 7p, and are in the tenure of the said Mary Hiron, and were awarded to Thomas Hiron the elder by the Inclosure Commissioners for Alveston in lieu of his five yardlands there; also a messuage built by Thomas Hiron the elder and occupied by him until his death and since then by the said Mary Hiron; an old enclosure called Great Church Meadow containing 6a 1r 31p lying near the church and now in the tenure of Mary Hiron, which formed part of 2 1/2 yardlands purchased by Thomas Hiron the elder of Sir John Cotterell, knight, deceased, and exchanged in the award of the said Commissioners for two pieces of old enclosure containing 6a 1r 28p called Upper Ham and Lower Ham, being part of the said five yardlands; also several pieces of woodland containing together 15 acres in a wood called Alveston Pasture; to hold the same to the following uses: as to the property in the tenure of Mary Hiron and the two tenements in the tenure of Thomas Ashborn and John Maynard, to the use of Mary Hiron for life; as to the remaining property, together with the dowry of Mary Hiron after her death to the use of Thomas Hiron the younger for life; and after his death to the use of Edward Townsend Higgins of Bridgetown, gentleman, and Thomas Cresswell of Stratford-upon-Avon, gentleman; as to the messuage in the tenure of Rev. Harding and the two messuages in the tenures of Thomas Ashborn and John Maynard, in trust for Elizabeth Hiron for life; and as to the remainder of the property and the dowry of Elizabeth Hiron after her death, in trust for Thomas Hiron, the only child of the said Thomas and Elizabeth, and his heirs male, or in default, for Elizabeth Hiron their daughter, and her heirs. The said Thomas Hiron also assigns three leases vested in him [see nos. 68-69] to the said trustees, to hold in trust for him for life, with remainder to his wife, Elizabeth, for life, and after her death, to their heirs.