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Mason Family; Bargain and Sale


Bargain and sale for a consideration of 5/- between Nathaniel Mason of Stratford upon Avon, Gentleman on the first part and Bartlett Mason of Old Stratford one of the sons of the said Nathaniel on the second part. Property: Ancient messuage and gardens with appurtenances in Old Stratford on the north side of the Churchyard, late in the tenure of Captain Dunbar and now of Bartlett Mason, also three messuages with dye houses and malyhouse appertaining also situate in Old Stratford with one other new erected messuage adjoining the malt house and taken out of the part of the building belonging thereto. All in the several occupations of Hugh Burman, George Jones, Thomas Ainge and John Cooper. Together with all storehouses, shops, summer houses barns, stables and orchards, with the exception of the pew where the family usually sit.