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Copy of Will: William Stanley, Alveston and Hockley Heath


Copy of the Will of William Stanley of Alveston, yeoman whereby he devised to his friends Samuel Jervis of Stratford-upon-Avon, gentleman and John Carey of Fulbrooke, yeoman, hereditaments in Alveston and Hockley Heath upon trust to his wife Mary for her life with remainder; as to part of the premises in Alveston to Mary his daughter, wife of Edward Stanley of Alveston, for her life with remainder to the use of her heirs and as to the other part of the premises in Alveston to Elizabeth, Testator's daughter and her heirs for ever; and as to the premises in Hockley Heath to his daughters Ann and Lydia. Bequests to Testator's said daughters, to his brother Robert Stanley and to his wife whom he appoints his Executrix. Certificates of the Burial of Samuel Jarvis extracted from the Parish Register of Stratford-upon-Avon. Signed: J. Davenport D. D. Vicar