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Attested Copy of Mortgage: Alveston


Attested Copy of a Mortgage by William Court of Fulbrooke, gentleman at the direction of William Halford of Alveston, gentleman to Reverend Robert Eyres Landor of Hitchendon, Bucks., clerk and Henry Eyres Landor of Warwick, gentleman, of a farmhouse with appurtenances and panels of arable meadow and pasture called Flat Bayley, Hill Bayley, Hither Bayley, Little Redhill, Great Redhill, Rowley Ground, Foddery Piece, Barn Ground, Middle Broadway, Little Foddery Piece, Hither Broadway, little Clift, Townsends Corner and Clift Bank also two Closes called Upper and Lower Broom Close, also several closes of meadow called the eighteen acres or Lower Meadow, the Rickhurst, the nineteen Leys and the Great Leys all which premises were situate in Alveston and contained 277 acres and were theretofore in the occupation of William Stanley and now of William Halford, for the sum of £4000 by conveyance in fee, subject to a proviso for redemption and also by assignment of a term of 1000 years by Henry Robbins theretofore of Barford but then of Warwick, gentleman (a Trustee for William Halford) to Robert Eyres Landor in Trust first as further security for the principal sum of £4000 and after payment therein of in Trust for William Halford. Witnesses: J. B. Bellamy and Thomas Tidmas. See also ER3/3017 and ER3/3020.

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