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Abstracts of Marriage Settlement: Alveston


Abstracts of :- 1) A Settlement previous to the marriage of the Reverend Robert Barnard and the Honourable Louisa Verney dated the 8th. October 1793 whereby a sum of £14,990 intended to be the marriage portion of the said Louisa Verney was assigned to trustees upon trust for the children of the Marriage and another sum of £14,990 was also assigned by the Reverend Robert Barnard to the same trustees in trust for the daughters of the said Marriage. 2) A Deed Poll dated the 3rd. June 1825 whereby the said Robert Barnard and Louisa, his wife appointed the sum of £14,990 to their daughter Louisa as her portion of the said fund of £29,980. 3) An Indenture dated the 4th. June 1825 being a settlement previous to the marriage of Joseph Townsend and Louisa Barnard.