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Draft Conveyance: Kineton


Draft of an Indenture of Conveyance dated the 14th. November 1844 by the Reverend Gilbert Malcolm of Toddenham, clerk, a Trustee of a Settlement dated the 10th. August 1809 being made upon the Marriage of the Reverend John Venour and Maria Briggs. Maria Venour theretofore of Wellesbourne and then of Clifton, Glos., widow of the Reverend John Venour, and Stephen Charles Venour of No. 7 Grays Inn Square, Middlesex, gentleman, Magdalene Venour and Maria Venour, both theretofore of Wellesbourne but then of Clifton aforesaid, to Sir John Thomas Buller Duckworth of Wear, Devon, baronet, Hugh Williams of Kineton, esquire, Sir Walter Palk Crew of Haccombe, Devon, baronet and the Reverend Fitzwilliam John Taylor of East Allington, Devon (Trustees of the Settlement made previous to the Marriage of Robert John Barnard and Georgiana Jane Taylor dated the 13th. October 1842) of about 48 acres in Little Kineton on the Trusts of the said Marriage Settlement.