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Release: Fillongley


Indenture of Release by John Flynte and Thomas Bennet, churchwardens of the parish of Great Packington, Thomas Rowes, Thomas Whadcocke, Godfrey Tasker, William Judd, John Brabacke the Elder, Gregory George, Thomas Dyall, John Wotton, Thomas Wedgewood, Simon Flynte and other parishioners of Packington, with the consent of Clement Fisher, Lord of the Manor of Packington, to Symon Stone of Meriden, in a whythey Meadow in Old Fillongley, subject to a rent charge of 4 shillings per annum payable by the said Symon Stone to the said churchwardens and parishioners of Packington, to be held by them upon such charitable uses as the majority should decide. Signed by all the Grantees. Seals affixed were all broken and indecipherable. Witnesses: William Clerke (Writer of that Deed), Robert Whadcocke of Solihull and by the marks of Robert Benet, Francis Raves, Henry Raves, Thomas Whadcock, Ambros Raves and Robert Kerklandes.