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Release of the Equity of Redemption: Farnborough


Release by Sir George Raleigh of Farnborough, knight Sir Edward Raleigh, knight (son and heir apparentof the said Sir George Raleigh), Alban Butler the younger of Aston on the Walles [Aston le Walls], Northants., esquire, Manassses Cooper of Ardencot, gentleman and William Swayre of Northend, gentleman to William Cokaine, citizen and skinner of London, of the equity of redemption of a Mortgage in the Manor of Farnborough and other premises in Farnborough. Signed: George Raleigh, Edward Raleigh, Alban Butler and Ma[nasses] Cooper. Seals of red wax 1) Cross crosselet between stars, 2) illegible, 3) missing, 4) a merchant's mark. Witnesses: Thomas Henchman, Arthur Lyodylowe, George Bettes, William Allmond and George Fulshurst.