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Bond to secure Payment: Hillingdon, Middlesex


Bond from Richard Browne junior of Hillingdon, Middlesex, gentleman to Edward Walker, esquire Norway [Norrey] King of Arms in the penal sum of £200, the conditions of that obligation being that whereas the fees due to the Kings Servants upon the Restoration and Creation of the Right Honorable John Lord Cobham amounting to the sum of £106-12-8 were by His Majesty's special order bearing date the 30th November 1644 to the said Edward Walker or his deputy in that behalf for the use of His Majesty's servants before the bill signed should pass the Signett Office, but that, at the special instance of the said Lord Cobham, H. M.'s servants have been persuaded to respight the payment thereof for the present, the above bounden Richard Browne his heirs etc. should pay the said Edward Walker the sum of £106-12-8 to the use of His Majesty's servants before the 24th June following in the Dining Hall of Christ Church Oxford. Signed: Richard Browne. Seal of red wax a demi gryphon couped. Witnesses: Filkes and Matt Decon. Endorsed Lord Cobham's Fees for the King's servants in the writing of William Dugdale.