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Lease: Milcote Lodge


Lease from the Most Noble Lionel Cranfield Sackvill, Duke of Dorset to John Zouch of Milcott, gentleman of a messuage or tenement and farmhouse with appurtenances in the Manor of Milcott called Milcott Lodge and a piece of arable land called the Sidelings (2 acres), a meadow called Middle Sidelings (2 acres) and North Sidelings (7 acres) also other meadow land called the Parke (89 acres), 2 arable Closes called the Great Walkmill Hill (14 acres) and meadows called Upper Thistley Ground (81 acres) and Lower Thistley Ground (52 acres), three closes called the Hanging Close (8 acres), Windmill Knapp (8 acres), Horse Close (8 acres) also a meadow called Burnt House alias Burnt Hurst Ground (87 acres) a meadow called Little Orchard (1 acre) another meadow called Old Milcott House and orchard (8 acres) Five meadow called Eltons Meadow (17 acres), Floting Close (2 roods and 38 perches), Lower Meadow (4 acres), Middle Meadow (12 acres) Stoney Lott (14 acres) and all manner of tithes in the said premises free fishing in the River Stower and to Water flax in the Avon. All which premises were in the occupation of John Zouch except timber, sporting rights, and liberty to use Milcott Lodge for him, his Bailiff and Servants for a term of 21 years at a yearly rent of £300. Signed: Dorset. Armorial Seal of red wax. Witnesses: Sack: Bale and Robert Edkins.