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Final Concord and Agreement: Grandborough, Willoughby, Long Itchington, Stockton, Bascote, Wolfhampcote, Sawbridge, Flecknoe and Nethercote


Final Concord and Agreement made in the Court at Westminster, Michaelmas Term 1768, before John Eardley Wilmot, Edward Clive, Henry Bathurst and Henry Gould, H. M. Justices, between John Wilkins esquire, plaintiff and Robert Curry, gentleman, deforciant, of one sixth part of 18 messuages, 7 cottages, 2 mills, 2 dovehouses, 10 gardens, 10 orchards, 750 acres of land, 350 acres of meadow, 400 acres of pasture, 80 acres of wood and 40 acres of furze and heath and common of pasture for all cattle in Greenborough [Grandborough], Willoughby, Long Itchington, Stockton and Bascott in the Parish of Long Itchington, Woolfehamcote [Wolfhampcote], Sawbridge, Flecknoe and Nethercote in the Parish of Woolfehamcote and one ninth part of the Rectory of Long Itchington and all manner of tithes.