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Release: Solihull


Release from John Baxter of Great Witley, Worcs., gentleman, and Ruth his wife to George Field of Solihull, joiner and his heirs for ever, of one third part of a messuage with appurtenances wherein William Blunt theretofore dwelt and wherein William Smith then lived in Solihull, together with the third part of an Annuity of 5/- issuing out of a messuage in Solihull theretofore in the tenure of Robert Haywood, deceased and called the Church house or Churchland and also issuing out of a meadow lying on Berry Field in Langdon in the Parish of Solihull and theretofore in the tenure of Charles Waring, gentleman, deceased, and then of Thomas Holbech, gentleman. Signed: John Baxter and Ruth Baxter. Seals of red wax, a four masted ship with pennants. Witnesses: Sam. Eden and Antho. Stoughton.