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Final Concord and Agreement: Shuckburgh, Gaydon and Fenny Compton


Final Concord and Agreement made in the Court at Westminster, Easter Term 1690, before Henry Pollexfen, John Powell, Thomas Rokeby and Peyton Ventris, H. M. Justices between Richard Taylor alias Paris, John Judd and Edward Johnson, plaintiffs, and William Cleaver and Mary, his wife, Sam Claridge and Sara, his wife, John Fox and Mary, his wife, and Richard Robbins and Sara, his wife, deforciants, of one messuage, two cottages, three gardens, three orchards, 16 acres of land, 4 acres of meadow, 6 acres of pasture, 5 acres of Furze and Heath and common of pasture for all cattle with appurtenances in Nether Shukborough, Gaydon and Fenny Compton.