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Lease: Halford


Lease from Walter Buller, citizen and salter of London, to William Pewe of Halford, husbandman, for £16 10s 0d, of a cottage containing two bays of houses with outhouses, stables, orchard, backside and easements thereto belonging and eight arable lands with appurtenances in the common fields of Halford, and common of pasture for one rother beast in the said common fields of Halford (except and reserved to the landlord the bodies of the three best elms upon the premises, with liberty to cut and carry the same) for a term of 80 years from the Feast of St. Michael then next if the said William Pewe, Joan his then wife, and Thomas Boyes son of Thomas Boyes of Halford, deceased, or either of them, should so long live, at a yearly rent of 20 shillings and one strike of apples and three parts of the Wardens [a particular type of cooking pear] that should be yearly growing upon the trees then in and upon the premises. Witnesses: William Baldwyn, John Underesill, Richard Boyes and Joseph Bradford.