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Lease and Release: London, Halloughton in Kingsbury and Nether Whitacre, Kenilworth and Coventry


Indentures of Lease and Release dated 12 13 May 1746, between John Bird of Coventry, esq., of the first part, Alexander Whitchurch of the parish of St. Bennett Fink, London, gent., of the second part, and Mary Molyneux of Albemarle Street in the parish of St. George, Hanover Square, co. Middx., widow, of the third part (reciting ER3/2219-2220 and that the principal sums of £1500 due to Sarah Complin and Thomas Trott were still owing with interest, and that John Bird had occasion to borrow a further sum of £800 and that Mary Molyneux had agreed to lend the same to John Bird) whereby it was witnessed that John Bird, in consideration of £800 to him paid by Mary Molyneux further mortgaged the premises described in ER3/2218 in London, Halloughton, Kenilworth and Coventry to Mary Molyneux, Alexander Whitchurch being a Trustee for Mary Molyneux. Endorsed with indenture, dated 18 November 1781, (reciting that the sums of £1500 due to Sarah Complin and Thomas Trott had been paid) witnessing that Mary Molyneux had lent a further sum of £1100 to John Bird secured on the hereditaments in Halloughton, Kenilworth and Coventry.

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    12 May 1746-18 Nov 1781

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