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Demise of Land: Halford


Demise from Thomas Knybbe of Hawford alias Halford, shoemaker, to Robert Keeble of Maugersbury, co. Glos., yeoman, and William Keeble of Oddington, co. Glos., yeoman (reciting that a marriage had been solemnised between Thomas Knybbe and Sara Keeble, one of the sisters of the said Robert Keeble and William Keeble) for the purpose of providing a jointure for the said Sara Keeble, of a messuage, backside and close thereunto adjoining in Halford and all his half yard land, meadow and pasture situate in the common fields of Halford pertaining to the said messuage and close, which premises were late in the occupation of Francis Aynge, gent., or his assigns (and were demised to Thomas Knybbe, for a term of 80 years by the said Francis Aynge) for a term of 60 years then ensuing if the said Thomas or Sara Knybbe should so long live, upon trust to permit Thomas Knybbe to take the rents and profits during his life, he paying all rents and outgoings of the property, and after his death upon a like trust for the said Sara for the residue of the said term of 60 years, the said trustees paying to the said Thomas thirty shillings per annum. Witnesses: John Kerrie and Bridgett Kerrye (by mark).