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Bargain and Sale: Halford


Bargain and Sale enrolled in Chancery 20 March 1662/3 (Old style) [1663], from William Brent of Halford, gent., and Dorothy Burton of Halford, widow, to Edmund Mason of Halford, gent., for £206 17s 6d, of all that one yard land lying dispersedly in the common fields of Halford, being a moiety or half part of two yard lands late in the occupation of John Hobbins (except a plot lying in a certain enclosure in Halford called the Pieces) and now of the said Edmund Mason, Richard Dyer and Thomas Samon the younger; to hold the same to the said Edmund Mason (except as excepted) and his heirs for ever to his own use. Witnesses: George Grainger, George Mason, William Tomes and John Hoobbins.