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Feoffment: Halford


Feoffment from William Brent of Halford, gent., and Dorothy Burton of Halford, widow, to Edmund Mason of Halford, gent., for £206 17s 6d. of the premises referred to in ER3/2398 and more particularly described in this indenture, situated in the Fosse Hill quarter, Ampitt Leyes quarter, Stepnell Quarter and Mournhill Quarter; naming (persons), William Tomes, Thomas Halford, Richard Buller, Richard Bull, Mr. Willes, John Homlyns, the parson of Halford, William Halford, Edmund Mason, Thomas Blackborne, Nicholas Harris, Isaac Horton, Thomas Sammon, Mr. Gibbs and widow Plestow; and (places) Pillerton Putch, Fossehill, Henbrooke, Pillerton Hill, Bollance, Deadchurle, Cattesbraine, Great Hadland, Gayes Piece, Hunningham Streete, Fullready Field, Middle furlong, Plicott Brooke, Short Bollance, Parsons Close, Smeare Furlong, the Further Stones, the Homeward Stones, Eatherings Ditch, Flax lands, Stower Furlong, Radcliffe, Treenwell, Downe Meadow, Idlicott Brooke. Witnesses: George Mason, William Tomes, John Hobbins and Thomas Blackborne (by mark). Memorandum of delivery of seisin endorsed, in presence of George Mason, William Tomes, John Hobbins, Thomas Blackborne and Richard Squires.