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Lease and Release: Halford


Conveyance by Lease and Release from Edmund Mason of the borough of Southwark, co. Surrey, joiner (eldest son and heir of Edmund Mason late of Halford, gent., deceased) and Mary Mason his wife, Coventry Mason (another son of Edmund Mason of Halford, deceased) and Mary Norton of Halford, widow of William Horton, gent., deceased (a daughter of Edmund Mason, deceased) to Nathaniel Mason of Stratford-on-Avon, gent., (reciting that Edmund Mason the elder, deceased, was in his lifetime seised of a yard land in the fields of Halford referred to in ER3/2398; reciting the will of the said Edmund Mason, (ER3/2400), and reciting the death of Elizabeth, daughter of the testator without issue during the lifetime of her mother, widow of the said testator, whereby the said Mary Horton and Coventry Mason became entitled after the death of their mother, the said widow of the testator, to the legacy of their sister Elizabeth; and reciting the payment of the legacies bequeathed by the will of the said testator to his said testator to his said younger children by Edmund Mason the younger) for £275 paid to Edmund Mason and five shillings to Coventry Mason and Mary Norton, of the premises referred to in ER3/2398-ER3/2399. Covenant by Edmund Mason the younger and Mary his wife to levy a Fine to the use of the said Nathaniel Mason. Witnesses: Richard Halford, Thomas Halford, Bartlett Mason, John Lovis Darnall, Joseph Hurd and William Knibb.

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    1 May 1721-2 May 1721

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