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Gift from Richard de Budifforde [Bidford] and John le Marschall of Butlusham [ Bisham, Berks] to Simon de Fulwode of sixty shillings annual rent to be held and taken from a messuage belonging to the grantors, a field called le Fordeland', 7 acres of land lying in a field called le Fifacres and one pond [stagno] lying next to the tenement of Richard prat in Toneworth' at the two terms of the feast of the Annunciation and of St Micael in equal portions, the said Simon to have right of Distraint for any arrears of the said rent. Dated at Toneworth, Monday next after the feast of the translation of St Thomas, 20 Edward III. Witnesses: John Larchr' the elder, John Larchr' the younger, Henry de Sidenhale, Richard Aleyn of Toneworth', Robert de Crowenhale and others. 2 fragments of red wax. Endorsed: [ in a 15th century hand] carta annualis redditus lxs facta per Ricardum de Budiford et Johannem le Marchall' Symoni de Fulwod' et heredibus suis exeuntis de j messuagio et campo vaeato fordelond' et aliis terries et tenemetis etc. de tenemento Wodard et aliis anno Edwardi tercii ?d xx mo. Latin, Parchment, 10.75 x 3.25 ins.