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Bond to secure non-disturbance from John le Arch' of Toneworth to William le Ferrour, Alice his wife and John their son; 20 shillings annual rent to be taken annually by the said William, Alice and John for the term of their lives from the whole of a close belonging to the grantor called Maystrewilhameslond in Toneworth, that if the said Willaim, Alice and John are not unpleased or in any way disturbed or any of them impeded and disturbed by the said John Le Arch, Isabel his wife or by any of their heirs or any in their name concerning a certain plot of ground extending in length and breadth between the said close and the lane leading from the church of Toneworth towards Munkespath that then the said rent of 20 /- should be void. Witnesses: Henry de Sydenhal', William de Folwod', John Dolfyn, Richard att' Bern, William Dolfyn and others. Given at Toneworth, the Sunday next after the feast of St Peter called advinculus, 20 Edward III. Endorsed: [in early 15th cent hand] John' Archer E Tercii Ton' Tag. Latin, parchment, 9 x 2.75 ins., Indented, .