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Lease for three lives with warranty from John le Arch' of Toneworth to Roger Trages of the same, Alice his wife and Joan their daughter of a piece of landing Toneworth' as far as the land formerly belonging to Richard Pirihul called Sponnelond and in breadth between land called Bykerscote and the land of Robert Isetyn and the land of the said Roger; to hold the same with all hedges, ditches for the lives of the said Roger, Alice and Joan, rendering annually 2 shillings in silver [ 2 terms] in lieu of all services, with the right to cut down and carry away all subwoods on the said land whenever they wished at the appropriate time and to lop all free trees, formerly lopped, for their own profit without impediment or condition by the said John. Dated at Toneworth', Sunday after the feast of the Translation of St Thomas the Martyr, 23 Edward III. Witnesses: Robert de Crowenhale, Richard atte Berne, Richard Aleyn, John de la Lee, Richard Herbert and others. Tag for seal. Endorsed: [15th cent] Endenture Toneworth Latin, parchment, 9.75 x 3.75 ins., Indented