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Lloyd of Welcombe; Lease and Release, Lloyd Trustees to Sidebottom


Release for the consideration of £2500 between Gamaliel Lloyd of Leeds, Yorkshire and George Lloyd the younger of Manchester in the count of Lancashire (executors of the estate of the late John Lloyd of Snitterfield) on the first part and Radcliffe Sidebottom of the Middle Temple, London, Esquire on the second part. Property: one fourth part of the Manor or Lordship of Beerly otherwise Burely otherwise Biezley [Bearley] in the county of Warwick including several pieces of land in Beerly fields containing 46 acres and now known by the name of the New Plantation, Smiths Field, Little Meadows, Barn Close, Sainthill Field and Long Leasow. (all of which lands were alloted to John Lloyd under an inclosure award dated 19th September 1776).